Hire of Church Hall

St Chad’s Church

Booking Conditions for Using the Church Hall

  1. Responsibility for the hall, its security, health, and safety and fire regulations passes from St Chad’s Church to the Hirer/Group Leader for the period of the hire, who should ensure they have full Insurance cover.
  2. The Church does not have a caretaker- after each session the hall, toilets and kitchen must be left tidy.
  3. Chairs and tables removed from the storage room must be returned. Please respect the church, which is not included in the hire agreement, and is strictly for worship or prayer.
  4. No ball games or similar games allowed in the hall. The stained glass window is a relic from the original St Church and is highly valuable and respected.
  5. Fire exit routes must be kept clear and both the front and rear entrance doors should be kept unlocked during the period of use of the hall. The location of fire extinguishers should be noted, the assembly point is in the car park at the rear of the Church.
  6. Loss or damage to the Church hall, fixtures or contents to be reported to the Churchwardens immediately (Gillian Tucker  841727, Kath Percival 520313 or the Vicar 811543). The Group hiring the hall is liable for damage or loss that occurs during the hire period.
  7. Users of the car park do so at their own risk. St Chad’s Church accepts no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or injury to persons using the car park.
  8. Before leaving please ensure electrical appliances are unplugged, lights are off and both access doors are locked. All doors from the main corridor into the Church should be kept closed at all times.
  9. Keys can be collected from the Churchwardens and be returned by the following morning. Any change to a booking to be notified to one of the Churchwardens.
  10. The charge for hiring the Church hall will be the same as the charge for using the village hall. Payment for hire by cheque please payable to Wybunbury PC.




JS/30th June 19